Lakehouse Capital Lending focuses solely on whole notes and does not pool your money with other investors. You select each investment individually, and each investment is collateralized by the Deed of Trust of the property. You are a 1st mortgage position holder.

You are also welcome to browse our current offerings to see what open Trust Deeds we have available to loan on. To view an offering, browse our offerings page and click on each property you’d like to view.

Interested in a specific property? When viewing a property, click the ‘Apply’ button and fill out the information. Once complete, we will contact you about that specific property.

Strong Risk Adjusted Returns

In-House Management

In-House Construction

Value Add Lending Opportunities

If you find a property of interest, speak with one of our team members to get more detail on that specific note deal.


Once a project is chosen, Summit Capital Lending will send for your review the following:

  • Property Information Package, which includes a description of the project and a proforma
  • Property Appraisal


Once you commit to a Trust Deed, you will take title to the Deed of Trust.


Summit Capital Lending will create documents for you to sign:

  • Appraisal
  • Purchaser/Lender disclosure
  • Loan servicing agreement
  • All other documents required by the department of real estate in Washington (?)

Monthly Payments

The transaction between you and Laurelhurst is managed by an independent title company who records the trust deed. As the lender, you are the sole beneficiary of the Deed of Trust. You will receive a 100% of the monthly payments. This continues until the loan is paid off. Laurelhurst Investments will send the annual paperwork and documentation in the mail for your yearly tax purposes.


Once escrow closes, you will receive a receipt and copies of the following:

      • Original promissory note (states how big the loan in, the interest rate, and terms of loan).
      • Copy of the deed of trust (ties the promissory note to the property)
      • Copy of the title insurance policy
      • Copy of the fire insurance loss payee



What is a promissory note?

A promissory note, or a promise to pay, is a legally enforceable contract to pay you interest at a specific rate and frequency, as well as repay your principal by a specific date.


Is there a minimum investment?

Because this is not a fund where we pool money from multiple investors, you are required to invest the full amount of each project.


What fees do you charge?

Lakehouse Capital does not charge any fees of any kind.


Do you require capital calls?

No, these lending opportunities do not require additional capital calls.


How do I withdraw my investment?

Your principal will be automatically returned to your account upon the maturity of the loan or after an exit event (the sell or refinance of the property).


Can anyone invest?

Yes, anyone can invest. Because this a private transaction, it is not required that you are an accredited investor as defined by SEC, Rule 501.

Have any questions?

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