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By Partnering with Lakehouse Capital Partners experienced team as a Primary Note Lender, your Capital will become secured via Deed of Trust, collateralized through one of our value-add projects.

experienceD TEAM

Each project presented will be worked on by our reputable team with 30+ years of experience and have completed hundreds of value-add projects.

first Position Trust Deed

With 6% – 15% Returns you will become your own ‘Bank of America’ allowing ease of transaction for your capital to do exactly what you want, which entails putting it to work for you

Passive Income

Many of those interested in Trust Deed lending are Real Estate investors who no longer want the hassle of dealing with tenants, but still want the cashflow and benefits that investment properties bring.

Equity Partner

Whether you are embarking upon your first real estate project or are a seasoned professional, we have both short-term and long-term options available to suit your preferences.

mezzanine lending

With 12% – 24% returns, Mezzanine Trust Deed Lenders typically lend on down payment and capital improvements within a project. 

more than just an investment

Lakehouse Capital Partners focuses solely on whole notes fully collateralized in primary positions. You have the ability to select each value-add property individually, and each loan is collateralized by the Deed of Trust to that property. You will become a first position mortgage holder.

Leverage 30 Years of experience

We have the unique advantage of doing everything in house.


  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • Architecture and Build
  • Property Management

Seattle Real Estate Leader 30 Years In a Row

Average Properties Per Year

Our focus and expertise are in developing risk-adjusted solutions, for both quick deals and long-term portfolio strategies. We continually strive to positively impact the neighborhoods and communities in which we operate.

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